The Meaning of Trance

It’s been a few days since I posted, but I promised myself that I would go here when I need to vent or get my feelings out there. It’s been a long week, but there’s always something that makes it better for me. And that’s Trance. You might have heard me mention it earlier, as it’s my favorite genre and it’s one of my favorite aspects of being alive right now. To fully understand the meaning of Trance, you need to open your heart. I used to be a sheep believing that Trance was so boring and mediocre. That changed however when one person helped me see the light, so to speak. And now I can’t get enough, I spend my nights on websites like TranceLife and Reddit’s Trance subreddit learning all about how I can achieve my goal of becoming a famous producer.

The desire of learning about the history of Trance music came naturally to me. Learning about all the greats like Armin, Paul van Dyk and Tiesto (before his demise in what kids say EDM) gave me great pleasure. I wasn’t completely clueless about these artists before, I just learned their early starts of what made the Read More...

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

My Experience at EDC Las Vegas ©

When I think of EDC, it is almost a sense of anxiety that overwhelms me in so many different ways. Some good, some bad, and in some ways you can’t explain. It’s as if we are all a big family connected for 3 amazing days of music, art and debauchery. From the the days leading up to going to EDC until the actual moment you walk in, there is so much to do and so much to prepare for. EDC is in no way, shape, or form an event that should be taken lightly. It is definitely a beast of another kind when you think of how it compares to a normal festival. So much preparation has to be done from both sides, attendees and Insomniac.

It’s no wonder it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world when it’s all set up. All the shiny, shimmery lights and cool rides. But in all honesty, it’s about your own personal experience. It’s about every second leading up to that moment when everything stops and you realize you’re alive and that everything is going to be ok and you can breathe again. Read More...

Who Am I?

First off, I’m Jacob. There’s a bunch of things I could tell you about myself, but the most important thing you need to know is that I love music. I could go on for hours and hours boring you to death with my life story, but I won’t do that. I’m sure I’ll eventually get around to letting you know exactly how I ended up here, writing this first entry on my blog. What’s there to say about music? We all love it, but what does that really tell you? Music is a feeling, a feeling you get when you hear a song or a melody that you love. When you get gooseflesh and you’re at peace.

It doesn’t matter what genre or subgenre you listen to, as long as its music. It brings us inner peace, it brings us together, it unites us as a society. I once saw a quote that went like this: “how much anger can really exist in the world when we have music like this?” That really resonated with me as I believe there’s something for everyone’s palate when you’re talking about music. Whether it’s rock, acoustic, or my particular favorite, trance, it’s all Read More...